The sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one in a traffic accident is one of the most painful losses.crash6-240x300Recently, a number of Florida families have been enduring this pain together as a series of multiple-fatality wrecks have been occurring statewide.

In fact, four car crashes in a single week claimed 13 lives – including a 1-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. Many others were injured.

First, there was a crash in Collier County wherein a Fort Myers man crossed the center line and struck another vehicle head-on, critically injuring his female passenger and killing himself, as well as the other driver and a 5-year-old boy. Two others in the other vehicle, a 10-year-old girl and and adult woman, were critically injured.

Authorities are still investigating, and haven’t yet said whether alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.

Then near Orlando, a young family – a 20-year-old mother, 23-year-old father and their just-turned-1-year-old daughter decided to travel from their home in Georgia to Disneyworld to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. But as they made their way to the theme park, a 24-year-old sport utility vehicle driver rear-ended them, causing both vehicles to flip and catch fire. The baby was ejected from the car and later died at the hospital. Both her parents were pronounced dead at the scene. The 24-year-old, meanwhile, had minor injuries. He also was driving on a suspended license and has a history of driving while distracted and impaired. Charges are pending in that case.

Then in Tallahassee, four young South Floridians were killed in a T-bone crash. A 21-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man – middle school sweethearts – were killed, as was their 21-year-old friend. The 20-year-old driver of the vehicle survived, as did the 27-year-old driver who struck that car broadside. The investigation continues, and it’s unclear at this point who was at-fault. All three decedents had attended Florida State, with the younger two still enrolled and the eldest having just graduated.

“They were not ready to leave us here on earth,” said a family member trying to raise money for their funerals, “But if they had a choice, I’m sure they would have rathered no other way than walk into heaven holding hands.”

And then finally in Broward County, four people were killed in a head-on crash on U.S. 27, a short distance from I-75. The crash report indicates a 27-year-old driver was driving the wrong way on the highway when he struck another vehicle, killing himself as well as three others between the ages of 62 and 67. Another passenger, age 69, survived with serious injuries. The survivor was found by emergency crews wandering the highway in a state of shock after the crash. He is expected to survive, though suffered severe internal injuries.

Although the causes of each crash are under investigation, our Fort Myers accident attorneys know that the vast majority of crashes are avoidable. They are the result of individuals who operate a vehicle while distracted, drunk, with recklessness or without reasonable care.

State officials report traffic crashes are up by 21 percent overall so far this year.

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