In a single week recently, nearly 1 million vehicles were recalled in half a dozen recalls issued in a single week – three of those on the same make/model vehicle, the 2014 Ford Fusion.

ambulance (1)Some 520,000 of those popular vehicles reportedly have problems with a steering motor that might result in a loss of power steering. The same problem was reported in Lincoln MKZ vehicles manufactured from 2013 to 2015, and also certain newer-model Ford Edge vehicles.

Manufacturers say so far, they have not been made aware of any auto accidents attributed to this problem, but say a crash could certainly result if the issue occurs while the vehicle is in motion.

On top of that, there were another nearly 400,000 MKZ models and Fusions, built during 2013 and 2014, as well as the 2012-2014 Ford Fiesta, that were recalled for faulty latches that can result in doors swinging open unexpectedly. That issue has been noted by Ford with at least two customers. One said the door hit another vehicle while it was parked, and another said the door bounced back when he tried to close it.

In another recall, 2014 Ford Fusions were also the subject, as were Edges, Fiestas and Transit Connects for problems with a fuel pump that can result in pump seizure and subsequently a vehicle stalling while in motion. Here again,this could potentially result in a serious safety problem. At least one crash has been reported in connection with this issue, though some 50,000 vehicles are subject to recall.

It’s the same kind of stalling-mid-motion issue that resulted in General Motors’ recall for defective ignition witches that, over the course of a decade, resulted at least hundreds of wrecks and has so far been linked to 90 fatalities.

That’s likely why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued its own warning to consumers, encouraging them to get their vehicles serviced as soon as possible because of the risk.

This recall involves far fewer vehicles than the GM recall, but the issues are significant nonetheless.

The final recall involves fewer than 100 Ford F-150 trucks due to a problem with the underbody of the trucks that can result in a heightened chance of a fire. There are no reports of injuries or accidents associated with that issue, but again, there is the potential.

These recalls just involve auto manufacturers. A number of other recalls in recent weeks have stemmed from problems discovered with tires (400 Alliance Tire Americas tires) as well as five child safety seats with reportedly defective buckles. Brands of child seat makers affected include Evanflo, Recaro, Graco and Baby Trend.

Last year, there were a total of 64 million vehicles recalled in the U.S. That was a record year, involving more cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles than any other prior year since federal regulators started keeping tabs.

On one hand, this is good news because it tells us auto manufacturers and auto part manufacturers may finally be taking seriously the obligation to warn the public of potential safety shortfalls. For a long time, this wasn’t happening. Just take, for example, the faulty ignition switch problem, for which a recall took years, despite the company’s knowledge of the problem.

However, the increasing number of recalls tells us vehicles and auto parts still aren’t being manufactured up to the full safety standards, and that’s deeply concerning.

The issuance of a recall does not absolve an auto maker or auto parts maker of liability in the event injury results from a defect.

If you suspect a vehicle defect may have caused your accident and/or injury, or perhaps even contributed to it, it’s imperative to contact an experienced legal team as soon as possible.

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