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Driving Mad in Miami, Florida : Road Rage May Be More than Bad Manners in Traffic

When’s the last time you drove down a Miami, Florida city street, only to be cut off, tail gated, or otherwise subjected to dangerous driving behaviors by your fellow motorists? What about driving on Florida I-95… When was the last time you witnessed aggressive driving such as rapid lane changing, tailgating, or speeding? How did you react to those incidents?

If they’re being truthful, most Southwest Florida drivers would admit to at least occasionally being at one end or the other of some form of road rage. Road rage involves an angry driver overreacting to a traffic situation by honking, yelling, swearing, making rude hand gestures, waving arms, speeding up or slowing down — and other driving behaviors that can lead to serious Miami-Dade County traffic crashes.

As experienced Miami, Fla. car accident injury lawyers, we know that road rage can turn a minor traffic incident into a serious, even deadly motor vehicle crash. The AutoVantage Road Rage Survey in 2009 revealed the most common driving behaviors that set off road rage were talking on the cell phone, changing lanes without signaling, and tailgating. In fact, the same study ranked Miami, Florida 7th among the top 10 cities in the country with the worst road rage displayed on its streets and highways.

Miami had been no. 1 on the Road Rage Survey list for several years prior, being knocked off the top spot in 2009 by angry drivers in New York City. However Miami held onto its number-one rudeness ranking as the city most likely to report seeing other motorists cutting into other lanes with little or no warning, and engaging in distracted driving behaviors such as talking or texting on cell phones, tending to personal grooming, or reading while driving. Not to be outdone by NYC, Miami motorists are most likely to curse at another driver in reaction to road rage.

Stressed out Southwest Florida drivers engaging in these dangerous behaviors may find themselves in a car crash or other serious traffic incident, if things get out of hand.

Now a new study indicates that road rage may be more than just an overreaction to rude or risky driving behavior. According to a report on National Public Radio, drivers who display road rage may have deeper seated emotional issues. If those individuals lose their tempers while behind the wheel, they fail to put on their emotional brakes, the report stated. This is when aggressive driving related motor vehicle crashes can and do happen.

We’ve all heard tragic stories on the news where a minor traffic incident escalated into something far more deadly — where parties either ran each other off the road or stopped and settled the disagreement with fists or weapons. Driving in Miami-Dade County is challenging enough as it is. Let’s all try to remain calm, keep eyes on the road, drive defensively, and avoid serious motor vehicle accidents. More on road rage and dangerous driving behaviors in Miami, Florida below.

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