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Florida Parasail Accident Update: Investigators Say Tow Rope Broke in Clearwater Parasailing Accident; Victim Still Hospitalized

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have released additional information regarding a Florida parasailing accident that occurred last weekend in Clearwater — leaving a Georgia woman hospitalized with critical injuries.

Twenty-seven year old Alejandra White and her fiance, thirty-one year old Shaun Ladd, both of Georgia, were parasailing in a tandem parasail harness over Labor Day weekend in Clearwater, Florida. According to the latest news reports, the accident appears to have occurred when the tow rope unravelled — disconnecting the parasailers from the operator’s speedboat as they were over the ocean. The weather had reportedly turned windy and unfavorable that afternoon.

Ladd, who was reportedly able to free himself from his harness , fell into the water. However White was dragged along beach umbrellas and hit a wooden volleyball net pole, suffering serious injuries. Media reports show photos of the Florida parasail accident unfolding.

Experienced Miami parasailing accident lawyers work with people who have suffered injury and death of loved ones in Florida parasail accidents. Though parasailing in Florida is a popular pastime — the industry remains largely unregulated. This is a fact that consumers aren’t by and large aware of when they get strapped into a parasailing harness and pulled several stories aloft by a speedboat.

Parasail accidents causing serious injury can and do happen, as is the case in this Clearwater Florida incident. An estimated 15 Florida parasail deaths have occurred in recent years, according to news reports. Parasailing safety advocates say the industry’s “self-regulation” is no longer adequate.

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St. Petersburg Times Sept. 8, 2010
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St. Petersburg Times Sept. 9, 2010
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