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West Palm Beach Tanker Truck Accident on I-95: Arrest Made Following Fiery Crash

A West Palm Beach, Florida trucker escaped death but one of his dogs perished following an explosive crash between his fuel-carrying tanker truck and a broken-down car, which occurred on Interstate 95 on Monday. Following the accident, a Miami Dade County man was arrested for leaving the scene of a crash involving damage and injury and driving without a driver’s license.

According to news reports and the Florida Highway Patrol, the car truck accident occurred in the early morning hours of June 22. A tanker truck carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline was traveling from Fort Lauderdale, driven by West Palm Beach resident Jimmy Hill, 63. Hill’s truck came upon a disabled station wagon on the highway operated by Roberto Antonio Velasquez, 22, of the Miami-Dade area.

Hill stated that he could not avoid the broken-down car on I-95. Velasquez reported that he and a passenger fled when they saw the tanker truck approaching; he and his passenger were picked up and driven south by another motorist. The vehicle’s owner was traced and Velasquez was arrested for leaving the scene and driving without a driver’s license; a Palm Beach County Circuit judge ordered him held in lieu of bail. The Florida tanker truck crash into the station wagon created a horrific fireball that was seen around the country, as national news aired footage from the crash scene.

The tanker truck driver, Hill, suffered minor burns on his arm following the crash. He managed to save one of his two Springer Spaniel dogs who were traveling with him, but the body of the second dog was later found by rescuers and is believed to have been killed as a result of the crash.

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Miami-Dade man held in tanker crash June 24, 2009
Trucker worried about his missing dog June 22, 2009
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