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Florida Bill Would Establish THC Limit to Curb Marijuana DUI

A controversial new bill has been introduced into the Florida House of Representatives that would put a limitation on the amount of THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana) one could have in their blood before they are considered to be legally impaired.  The goal... read more

Sleepy Drivers As Risky as Drunk Motorists

In October, a semi-truck driver told reporters he was lucky to be alive after conceding he fell asleep on I-95 in Lake Worth, causing him to lose control of his rig, which overturned. The crash closed traffic for seven hours while crews cleaned up and thankfully no... read more

States Slow Efforts to Block Driving Privileges for Elderly

It is not secret that elderly drivers face a host of challenges with which younger motorists aren’t yet contending. Reflexes can slow. Vision can dwindle. Hearing diminishes. Bodies become more frail, which means greater severity of injury when an auto accident... read more

Acute Sleep Deprivation Ups the Risk of Miami Car Accident

You are twice as likely to be involved in a car accident if you are driving with one or two hours less than the recommended 7 hours of rest in the last 24 hours. Drivers who have had little or no sleep are actually no different than those who have downed three or four... read more

Avoid Getting Injured on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations are widely anticipated each year. However, there is a reason hospitals, police and fire departments brace themselves for the holiday. Amid all that revelry is a sizable uptick in personal injuries and death, ranging from drunk driving... read more

Truck Accidents to Rise as Poor Road Conditions Persist

A recent accident site on I-95 was something of a familiar scene, at least to emergency responders. There were two trucks – a box truck and a tractor trailer – as well as a van that had collided on the highway near the Miami-Dade/ Broward County line. The... read more

Third-Party Liability for Distracted Driving Accidents?

A driver distracted by sending and receiving text messages can – and should – be held liable if they cause a crash that results in injuries to others. But what about the people on the other end of those messages?  There is a legal theory being tested in... read more

First Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed After Fatal Crash

The Times Free Press in Tennessee reports the first lawsuit (of what will likely be many) was filed in connection with an elementary school bus accident that killed five students and injured dozens more. The driver is facing criminal charges, and there is speculation... read more





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